The messages that followed the invite

The Birthday bot Incident started at around May 28th, 2020 when a spam bot disguised as a birthday bot had DMed some members of the server (we were in voice chat while this was all happening). Most of us ignored it, knowing that it was a spam bot, but Ava, with his small wrinkly dumbass brain, was convinced that it was real and invited it to the server, with everyone in vc yelling at him as to why he invited the bot to our server. Luckily, the bot was kicked and banned and no harm was done to anyone.


This incident was followed by Cookie and Froomy complaining because they were the only people in the vc who was not DMed by the spam bot, which resulted in Cookie pretending to be a spam bot in Froomy's DMs. The event came to a close with Froomy streaming Feral.

Along with this, Squonka being the dumbass he is gave his info to the bot to see if it was a scam, scamming himself in the process. His account was then deleted and a new one made.

Gallery (just a bigger version of pictures for us semi-blind people)[edit | edit source]

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