No fat, our fat and your fat were all made popular by Diz (a mod on the discord) all three emotes went by a theme this theme being the word fat. Each one was turned into an emote, the first one depicting an emoji smiling holding a flower in its mouth with text that reads "Your fat" this was the original of the fat emoji saga. The next one is an image of two emoji's (this time with hands) shaking each others hands with text that reads "Our fat" this was the second emote produced from the fat emoji saga. The final but possibly most important one depicts a blank white backround simply saying "No fat" this specific "No fat" image was entirely created by Diz to complete the fat emoji saga. This "No fat" emote also ended up becoming Hoaxes OC which is a character with absolutely no qualities other than words across his face saying the iconic words.

Our fat.png

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