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There have been many inside memes that have appeared during the server's lifetime. Here is a list and an explanation of all of them.

Your fat / Our fat / My fat / Your fat[edit | edit source]

Your fat

[unsure as to when it first became an inside meme] Your fat, my fat and no fat has become an emote in the server and used regularly. Cookie (Me hehehe) has a picture of your fat in her Animal Crossing: New Horizons island.

Golira / Monke[edit | edit source]

Golira / Monke is always accompanied with the gorilla emoji. We have spontaneous bouts of monke moments (ooOooOo aHhhHhh) and Diz is 100% monke, with even having their own language translated by Hoaxes while in a vc with a few other people. The server eventually gained a text channel named #monke-moments to put any and all monke / golira related content, and a few months later, a voice channel was added called monkesonly, for monkes only.

hoaxes 6 days[edit | edit source]

Read: Hoaxes 6 days for the explanation

man[edit | edit source]

Ava has constantly expressed her contempt for the picture named man.jpg, and Cookie constantly terrorises him with it. It all started when Cookie posted the original picture (it was in a text) to #talking-chat-for-vc while there was a vc, and Ava said that he hated it. Cookie did what any normal person would do: crop the photo so the man would be left. She then made it into an emote in her private server and used it sneakily when she still had discord nitro. Ava has had many mental breakdowns, loss of braincells and loss of sanity whenever Cookie posts it. She now uses the man as an intimidation tool, but it usually ends the exact opposite way she would like every time.

Diz's strange obsession[edit | edit source]


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