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":CQstop: gimmie your macaroni and cheese, I have to defend myself from a mac enemy"


nonbinary with unfathomable energy. This person doesn't even know the energy inside and is scared

one of the many Britannic stream chat messages that make Hazard giggle even when fully awake

HazardSpaghetti (or Rand0m0bs3ss10ns in most other online areas) is an odd person to meet at any point in the day. She began to gain notoriety following a regular Saturday stream on Failboat's channel, where she donated $50 to him after his statement of "Before the stream ends, if I get $50 cumulatively in donations... I will do a stream where all I do is try out different cereals." (It should be known that this moment was one where she had no impulse control whatsoever and the only time she doesn't regret losing said impulse control.) She has been known to send bundles of A Hat in Time and its DLCs to friends with little to no warning, and has managed to gather members of Failboat's lifeboat crew and members in the late Fyrus' server (the server has been deleted for the time being; Fyrus is still alive and well with his girlfriend, Snowy) for late-night rounds of Jackbox, often ending in at least one round of TeeKO. She has an annual occurrence the week of April 10th-17th that she calls "Boat Week" where her YouTube watch history and recommendations become filled with videos related to the Titanic or her sister ships, mostly consisting of several livestreams done by a team working on making a historically-accurate mystery-themed game centered around the doomed ship's maiden voyage. However, around the end of June, she had an unplanned Boat Week 2 following the release of the game team's side project "Britannic: Patroness of the Mediterranean" and is juggling too many hyperfixations for her own good.

She is often considered to be one of the most innocent-minded adults among her friends as any remotely adult-related topics just go over her head, even if it was talked about mere moments ago. So far, the only explanation that has been the most accurate without referring to a psychologist is that her brain is permanently hardwired to remain as innocent as it can, so while blood and death may be okay (and have technically been alright since elementary school), any other NSFW stuff will be purged.

Quotes by Hazard:

-no context given:

"plez gib me money i require it"

-context: Britannic sinking with visible livestream chat

"Quick, someone pay the insurance bill"

"'Why were the tips of her propeller red?' I think that's blood :)"

"'There goes White Star's investment' *horrific wretch laughter*"

"'there she goes' *immediately followed by laughter*"