The server's FNAF phase came around the 15th of July, 2020, where Mario, Diz, Val, Ava, Jack, Squonka, Mayo, Hoaxes and Blizzie changed their profile pictures to be badly drawn fnaf characters and their nicknames to match the character, but badly spelt. Mario became spingtrap, Diz is feddy, Val became bony, Ava was foy, Jack was balon bo, Squonka was golen feddy, Mayo is fin feddy, and Blizzie was purpl guy and Hoaxes was chimca. Chimca and Bony were both drawn by Val. Ava saw the Foy image and set it as her pfp Hoaxes then asked Val if he could use chimca to which she said yes then Diz picked up the Feddy pfp and so on and so forth.

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